Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry in Half Moon Bay offers a path for patients who experience dental fear or anxiety. It is often used for extensive procedures that require a long time in the chair. Sedation techniques provide nervous patients with pain-free dentistry, allowing them to complete otherwise delayed treatment.

Half Moon Bay Dental Assistant holding an IV

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

With sedation dentistry, patients can relax during dental procedures. This is one way our coastside dentists relieve stress and pain for our patients.

Levels of sedation range from minimal to general anesthesia. When needed, we can provide deep sedation at our office. You will remain awake but highly relaxed and conscious enough to respond to our requests.

The three types of sedation offered at Half Moon Bay Family Dentistry are:

IV conscious sedation (IV sedation)
Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
Oral sedation

All three methods produce similar results, but your medical history, among other factors, determines the most suitable choice for your treatment.

When to Consider Sedation Dentistry

Although sedation can ease dental anxiety, it's not for every patient. We care about you and want you to get the treatment you need, so we'll discuss your options. However, you might consider sedation dentistry if the following apply to you:

Thinking about your dental appointment makes your heart race
You have a sensitive gag reflex
Injections and shots make you uncomfortable
Your teeth are sensitive
You have trouble sitting still for extended periods

Sedation dentistry may calm dental fears and make your dental procedure less intimidating. It can help you get the treatment you need.

Young Female patient sedated before dental procedure

Types of Sedation Dentistry at Half Moon Bay Family Dentistry

There are a few kinds of sedation used in our practice.

IV Sedation

IV sedation dentistry requires an IV line to be inserted into a vein in your arm. This line provides a constant flow of medication to ensure you remain deeply relaxed for the procedure. You'll be safe in our chair, knowing we monitor your vital signs and breathing while getting treatment.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is safe for adults and children. This quick and effective medication will help you relax in the dental chair. We'll place a mask over your nose and ask you to breathe deeply, and in a few moments, it will begin to work.

After treatment, nitrous oxide wears off quickly, and you can drive yourself home and return to your normal activities.

Nitrous oxide has the least risk compared to other sedation dentistry methods. Any side effects diminish after the mask gets removed. This form of sedation dentistry can be used for minor procedures, like teeth cleanings, or for more extensive treatment, like dental implants.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation requires a written prescription from the dentist. You'll also need a driver for the day because it will make you tired.

Although you'll feel tired enough to fall asleep, we'll be able to communicate with you throughout the appointment. For example, if the dentist needs you to bite down during the procedure, you can hear us and respond.

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